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A Taste
of Royalty

Where do Blue Royal blueberries come from?

Over decades of natural breeding and innovation, our suppliers have created a range of blueberries that grow bigger, have more flavour and stay fresher for longer. We select the finest of these Mountain Blue varieties to grow Blue Royal across New Zealand orchards.

How to Spot a True Blue Royal

blue royal berries

The size

You’ll be able to discern a Blue Royal from an average blueberry instantly. Each berry is consistently the same large size, plump, and their deep blue colour makes them stand apart from the rest.

blue royal berries

The skin

Look for a natural, white powdered appearance. This coating is the berry’s own way to protect it from losing any juiciness or firmness. Shiny and black? Put them back.

The taste

Blue Royals are aromatic, fresh and well-balanced. Once you take a bite through their firm skin, you’ll be delighted with a refreshing juicy burst. The perfect balance of sweet and sour gives them a flavour you’ll never have experienced before.

When to eat them

Anytime you want a delectable and healthy snack, Blue Royals are divine when eaten fresh. They also make a great lunchbox surprise for your family. Simply take them out of the chiller and enjoy. Blueberries can also be a great pop of flavour and will add a touch of luxury to your favourite breakfast, lunch or dinner recipes.

How to look after them

Keep them in the chiller at 2 – 5°C until you’re ready to savour them. They’ll keep their delicious flavour for up to two weeks. That’s only if you can resist eating them for that long.