You won’t have tasted a blueberry like this before

Large, crisp and bursting with flavour, these pure, fresh blueberries will redefine your expectations.

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NZ Grown

Blue Royal Blueberries are grown on idyllic farms across New Zealand.

Cultivated with love and hand-picked with care, we take every step possible to ensure they’re consistently big and juicy. So when they arrive at your local store, they’re nothing short of majestic.

Packed With Nutrients

The health benefits of blueberries make them a tasty treat that are also incredibly good for you and your family.

Find out more about why blueberries are a valuable, nutrition-packed addition to your diet. 

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The Story of our Royals

Not all blueberries are created equal. From the moment the bush is planted to when the berry pops in your mouth, we strive for perfection. You can trust that we take the utmost care for you, your family and the environment.

Blueberries need rich soil, clean air and fresh water. Our blueberries are grown in pristine conditions throughout New Zealand.


Grown in protective tunnel houses, Blue Royals are sheltered from hail, rain and dew. This ensures the fruit isn’t bruised by the elements. We also practice integrated pest management to encourage nature’s own defence against anything that can harm our blueberries.

We have minutes, not hours, to get our blueberries into a nice cool place. We ensure they stay at the ideal temperature and humidity until they reach your fruit store. Our packaging is designed to offer the best in food safety while keeping the berries nice and cool.

Blue Royals are ready to pick in spring and each berry needs to ripen on the vine. If they’re picked too early they’re tart, too late and they’re soft and mushy. Our expert growers have a two-day window to collect each berry so that it’s just right.

BerryCo, the company behind Blue Royal, is proud to partner with Miro, a collective of Māori food producers. They combine ancient traditions and values with modern technology and science to cultivate the finest blueberries. They’re passionate about growing on Māori-owned land, and creating work and career opportunities in horticulture for their people. You can read more here.

Cardboard sucks moisture out of the fruit, so we found a way that plastic could be good for blueberries and the planet. We’ve chosen Flight Plastics because their punnets are made from recycled plastic, which can be recycled again and again. You can find out more here

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